Client Services

Established in 2002, Mukpuddy is an artist-driven multi-award winning animation studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

We have created a number of New Zealand’s top rated original children’s shows, including Quimbo’s Quest , The Barefoot Bandits (voted best kiwi show in the Spinoff’s TV awards in 2017), The Adventures Of Tumeke Space, Jandal Burn, The Drawing Show and Night Eyes.
Boasting a crew of talented writers, directors, character designers, concept artists, compositors and animators, Mukpuddy Animation is a one stop shop for production development through to final delivery.

We offer a range of services including (but not limited to):

Visual Development & Concept Art

Mukpuddy’s design team brings an eclectic mix of styles and influences to the table, complementing the signature “Mukpuddy style” with whatever your project requires.
We’ve worked on projects as varied as: a 100% te reo Māori pre-school show (Pipi Mā), an homage to a WWII “Private Snafu” short (Shadow in the Clouds), and a fantastical ancient China for 2 kiwi kids to adventure
through their grandmother’s magical stories (Tales of Nai Nai). With Mukpuddy’s design crew on board, the world of your project is in safe hands.

Story Development & Script Writing

Mukpuddy’s in-house writing team produces world-class scripts that run the gamut from pre-school to young adult, with genre-bending turns across action, comedy, fantasy, adventure, horror and sci-fi. With a particular focus on character-driven comedy, Mukpuddy ‘swriters will bring an invaluable sharpness and silliness to your project.

Storyboarding and Animatics

Good storyboards give animators a clear sense of staging and movement in a scene. Great storyboards set the tone for your show, capture the spirit and humour of the production and align the sensibilities of the crew, getting everyone on the same page.
Whether your project is animated or live action, Mukpuddy’s storyboard team can bring your director’s vision to life, and if needed our edit department can create animatics to help streamline your pre-prod efforts, saving you time and resources.

Character Design & Rigging

The first thing your audience notices is the look of your characters. Mukpuddy’s character design team will create memorable, unique looks for the cast of your show. How well your characters move, of course, depends on the quality of the rigging. Mukpuddy’s rigging is comprehensive but clean & usable, making your animator’s job a little easier and allowing them to push your show in even more fun and exciting directions.


Backgrounds/Location Design

To lay the foundations of a great shot, quality backgrounds are essential. Mukpuddy’s background team can build any world (or universe) that your story calls for, from a tiny island at the bottom of the South Pacific, to the farthest reaches of outer space. Environments your characters can really “live” in.

Animation & Compositing

In addition to original Mukpuddy shows, our team of world-class 2D artists and animators regularly works on international productions, pushing the boundaries of what 2D animation can do for audiences around the globe – at rates that will allow you to get more from your production budget.We’ve worked with a number of local and international partners, including Four Knights Films, Screentime Banijay, Mercury Filmworks, Gaumont, Pencilish and Sphere Animation. Whatever the size and scale of your project, we are ready to bring the world of your story to life.

Audio Production & Voice Overs

Mukpuddy has full in-house recording facilities, as well as years of experience directing voice-actors. We also offer voice-over services with a host of in-house voice talent.