About Mukpuddy

Formed in a basement in 2002 by three young friends fresh out of animation school, Mukpuddy has grown to become New Zealand premiere 2D animation studio.

From the beginning, Mukpuddy has been committed to telling funny, heartfelt, original stories, and creating rich, interesting worlds for their characters to explore and grow in.

From the bizarre stationary superheroes of Pocket Protectors, to the lovably odd residents of Ngaro Island in The Barefoot Bandits, and the wide world of characters Quimbo meets while on a quest, Mukpuddy is known for their ability to create unique and funny shows, that appeal to an international audience.

With a strong sense of nostalgia for the shows and movies we loved as kids, Mukpuddy makes cartoons that are both silly and exciting, with characters we truly care about.

Services & Facilities
Animation Studio

Mukpuddy is a self-contained, full-service studio catering to all aspects of the 2D animation process.

Our work

With almost 2 decades worth of writing experience for children’s television, Mukpuddy are seasoned in developing and writing comedy, action, adventure tv series and films.

Our work
Audio Production & Voice Overs

Mukpuddy has full in-house recording facilities, as well as years of experience directing voice-actors. We also offer voice-over services with a host of in-house voice talent.

Our work

Our compositors have brought their talents to hundreds of episodes of animated content, as well as life-action productions and motion-graphics projects.

Our Work
Game Design

Focusing on mobile development, the Mukpuddy games department specialises in unique gameplay and high quality art, with a humorous slant.

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Our History and Process